Hot New Release of Five Steamy Stories of Male Submission and Female Dominance!

“Men Taking It: A Bundle of Five Steamy Male Submission Stories” by Henrietta Soto

Men taking it

She’s in Charge

Zach loves the idea of being tied up and taken by a woman in control, and Amber is only too happy to give him what he wants, as long as it is on her terms.  First Zach has to build a swing, and then Amber straps him into it to enjoy the ride.

She Has Him

Harley and Felix have tried most things in the bedroom, so when it comes to light that Felix has never been had by a woman, Harley wants to be his first. Knowing no one else has ever had him like this makes it all the more exciting, and Felix can’t get enough of letting Harley take control.

He Takes It

What Esther wants most for her birthday is her boyfriend Harrison, in a way she’s never had him before. Harrison’s never been had by a woman, but he trusts Esther to make it good. The opportunity to take control in the bedroom drives her wild, and Harrison likes seeing this side of her.

They Take Him: A Threesome Male Submission Story

Vicky’s not the kind of woman who would set up a wild night with a handsome man she met online. Luckily for Vicky, Mina does exactly that. Marco is gorgeous, and more importantly very willing to let Mina and Vicky have their wicked way with him. Marco’s been taken by a woman before, but never by two at once!

Playing Outside: Under Her Control

Sun, sea and submission, just what Parker needs from a summer vacation. He lets Mandy take control, and she has more than just naked sunbathing in mind – she wants to use Parker hard! He takes everything she has to give, excited by the idea that anyone might see them.

Five Steamy Stories of Male Submission and Female Dominance!

Extreme Equestrian FemDom Galore by Cordelia Livingston

“Eighteen: An Equestrian Femdom Tale” by Cordelia Livingston


Madison and her best friend Jenna were bursting with excitement; the day of the state annual equestrian competition had finally arrived.  Madison was already riding high after recently celebrating her eighteenth birthday.  She was ready to take on the world.

Eighteen – An Equestrian Femdom Tale is a coming of age story of a young woman in a modern, post-patriarchal world.  The bond between a mother and daughter is highlighted as Madison’s mother, Emily, equips her daughter for an entitled life of ease at the expense of like minded men.

In this action-packed story, Eighteen will take the reader on an exhilarating journey of extreme Female Domination fantasy.  The slaves at Amelia’s horse stables knew what they had gotten themselves into.  Theirs was a hard life of mucking out filthy soiled stalls under the cruel stinging bullwhips of a group of sadistic Goddesses.  After being given a taste of the life of an empowered young woman, Madison was hooked, and there was no turning back.

New Release by FemDom Author Anna Ritter

“Female Vengeance” by Anna Ritter

Female Vengeance

When women have absolute power, vengeance sounds like a wonderful temptations.

Picking Kyle
In a world where women control the government and write every law, it’s dangerous to ignore politics. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the mistake Kyle made, so now he finds himself trapped in an alcove, naked and on display for wealthy women to consider buying because men can legally be owned, bought, and sold. He’s property now, his accounts have been confiscated, and his rights were taken by the government.

Luckily for him, Kyle is about to be picked. As different women stroll by, they examine him, determining whether or not they’d like to buy him. He could make a good slave. He could be an ideal pet. But then he actually recognizes one of the girls: Mia.

His ex-girlfriend’s little sister, Mia is gorgeous and recognizes him right away. She knows this boy, so she understands what he’s capable of. More importantly, she knows how scared he has of her big sister. When Kyle and Erika broke up, the fight was extraordinary. There was so much yelling and screaming, so many insults and accusations. Mia can use this against him.

After she picks Kyle, he’s locked in binding sleeves, a puppy mask, and a tight muzzle. This way, he’s going to be forced to behave exactly like a dog. Of course, he could try to resist. But if he’s anything less than the ideal pet, Mia will definitely give him away to someone who scares him even more than her…Kyle might have been chosen as a pet, but things can get so much worse if he messes up.

Vanessa’s Revenge
Like so many other women in office jobs, Vanessa believed she had been hired based on her credentials and expertise. She might be young, but she deserves to work at this firm. Unfortunately, her boss doesn’t agree. Gavin only hired her because of her cute face and hot body. Now he expects her to perform to his “standards”.

Vanessa thought she could handle it; she thought she could handle him, but he sleeps with her, fires her, and now she doesn’t know what to do—not until she starts to hear the whispered rumors. Apparently, some of the men in Crystal Canyon are behaving strangely. Whenever they hear a command issued by a woman, they feel like they must obey. It’s a compulsion, one none of them have been able to resist.

Although she’s not sure about these rumors, Vanessa decides to take a chance. She visits her boss, confronting Gavin directly. Once they’re alone, she starts to order him around…and he obeys! That’s right. From this point forward, Gavin is going to be an obedient male for her. She can make him crawl, strip, and service her. Even better, she can make him resign since she’s going to need a secretary after she takes his job. Oh yeah, this is going to be fun. Vanessa intends to enjoy herself as she takes revenge on this misogynistic jerk.

Please be advised: This title features female supremacy, pet play, domination, pegging, male chastity, bondage, and elements of female supremacy. All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.

This 5 Star Superb Female Supremacy Story will be FREE on Amazon from 9/5 thru 9/9

“FemDom Law Firm: A Tale Of Female Domination” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 9/5 thru 9/9

FemDom Law Firm

Nicholas Paige thought that he would have no problem at all being hired by a Prestigious Law Firm when he graduated at the top of his class from a Nationally Acclaimed Law School.
When the best offer he received, was from a Philadelphia Law Firm whose Managing Partners were all women, Nicholas thought that as an attractive male, he had it made.
Unfortunately, he had no idea of what laid in store for him when he joined the FemDom Law Firm, and he was not prepared for what happened to him once he incurred the wrath of the Senior Attorneys at the Firm.
You won’t want to put this thrilling Novel down once you start to read it, as Mistress Benay weaves a sensuous plot which takes the reader into the depths of Female Domination, Male Chastity, BDSM Activities, and Female Led Relationships.

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5.0 out of 5 Stars … Hot and Spicy read! D.L. King knows how to write a Story …Twenty one of them to be exact!

“Her Wish is Your Command: Twenty-One Erotic FemDom Stories” by D.L. King

Her Wish

Her Wish is Your Command: Twenty-One Erotic FemDom Stories by erotica maven DL King will take you on a tour of the the realm of Female Domination and the men who love powerful women.

You’ll meet real goddesses come to life, swinger FemDom couples (and even one very erotic Hanukkah tale involving wax), and men who love to paint toenails.  Every story in this unforgettable collection will leave you breathless and wanting more. And you’re lucky – all you have to do is turn the page!