Praise for Alex Jordaine titles:
“Top quality Femdom erotic fiction.” carasutra.com
“Compelling and arousing – a sure-fire winner.” Forum Magazine
“Incredibly erotic.” Siren Book Reviews
“Brilliantly written.” Midnight Boudoir
“Multiple O’s rating. A real BDSM lover’s dream.” Romance Reviews Today

Welcome to a world where pain is pleasure, submission is release…and sometimes losing means you win.

Robert has lost his way in every sense. Then he stumbles by chance into the deviant domain of stunning lifestyle dominatrix Karen. The sadistic domme releases strong masochistic desires in him he’s previously deeply repressed. Although the dark delights of BDSM are completely new to Robert he responds to them with overwhelming enthusiasm, glorying in his degradation and the searing marks of the regular chastisement he receives from Karen.

Robert is hell-bent on joining the tight-knit little “family” of hard-core S&M players the formidable dominatrix heads. But she makes it extremely difficult for him to achieve his goal. The harder Karen makes things for Robert the more determined he becomes to win through. But sometimes winning is really losing. Whether he learns that lesson before it’s too late becomes a tense and thrilling race against time.

“FemDom Slave – First Time Female Domination(Volume 1) Paperback by Scarlett Steele 

“FemDom Slave – First Time Female Domination(Volume 1) Paperback by Scarlett Steele  

FemDom Slave

The two sadistic Dommes caught their innocent neighbor naively peeking into their underground dungeon. It was time to teach him an unforgettable lesson in FemDom……

Jack suspected it something unusual when two drop dead gorgeous bombshells moved in next door.

Occupying the ground floor, he had spotted the stunning blonde and the busty brunette bound in skin tight outfits unpacking on moving day.

But it was the late night screams and moans pumping from within their basement which drove him to explore further.

His jaw dropped as he peered through the basement window, witnessing the once-innocent looking babes wrapped snugly in skin tight leather outfits snapping their whips against the center of a table, towering above a lone male bent over for their punishment.

The scene of control and domination unfolding before him intrigued him and he returned for more the following night.

But his curiosity trapped him.

The Dommes saw him coming, prepping their whips, chains, ball gag, humbler and their straps……..

…….the deadly vixens cruelly reeled Jack into a night of unfiltered and unparalleled pleasure and pain at the dangerous hands of Sadistic Sarah and Vicious Veronica.

New FemDom/Sissy Release by Peggy Madchen

“The Husband Games” by Peggy Madchen


“There can only be one cock in this marriage; whose is it going to be?”

Jim had a secret. One he’d been keeping from his wife Susan since they’d first gotten met over a decade ago. Jim liked to read stories online. The naughty sort of stories where men were transformed into little sissy bitches by all powerful women.

He’d read them when Susan was at work. Sometime’s he’d get so into the fantasy that he’d put on a pair of her worn panties, one of her looser fitting blouses, or a skirt. He’d read his sissy stories dressed like that and touch himself until he made a mess in his panties.

Over time their sex life deteriorated. The less satisfied Susan became the more time Jim spent spurting into panties and flapping off to fantasies of being reduced to a simpering sissy.

Susan wanted nothing more than to feel him pound into her over and over again until she couldn’t take it any more. Susan didn’t know that Jim wanted her in the same way.

He had read dozens of stories about men being pegged. Boys taken by women wearing obscene strap-ons. It was a fantasy that always aroused him. The few times that he and Susan even tried to make love he’d conjure up images of her strutting into the bedroom with her fake phallus bouncing in front of her.

It got him in the mood for their lovemaking. A little too well. The thought of Susan dominating him that way was always too much for Jim to handle. He’d explode too soon leaving Susan unsatisfied and feeling used.

Then one night he told her about his fantasies. Susan didn’t take it well. She decided that there was only going to be one cock in their relationship – the small one mother nature had equipped Jim with, or the one that strapped on the Susan’s belt.  There’d be a competition to see who deserved to wear the family cock.

Susan called it The Husband Games.

Jim quickly found himself living the life he’d only read about in stories as Susan feminized him. She glued rubber breasts to his shaved girlish chest. She trapped his manhood away behind a faux vagina. She took him lingerie shopping and had him experience his first bra fitting. She did everything she could think of to make him every bit as feminine as she was so that they could compete on equal terms in the games.

She didn’t realize all the places this decision would take them. She couldn’t guess that a younger man would become such a huge part of both their lives. And she certainly couldn’t have guessed who ultimately won the Husband Games.

Previously released under the pen name Princess Pegger (Warning: This 21,000 word erotic novella contains adult themes and content not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. This work of erotic fiction includes scenes of female domination, feminization, sexual situations, verbal humiliation, pegging, sissy fellatio, and numerous other kinky elements. Not for the prudish or the faint of heart.)

New FemDom Release by Notable Dominatrix Pamela Brighton

“Femdom Fantasies” by Pamela Brighton  

FemDom Fantasies

Female Domination is the Sexual Revolution of the 21st Century
In another all new collection of short stories, Pamela Brighton provides entertaining and vivid accounts of the strange but exciting world of female domination, playing out in fetish clubs and underground parties as well as that other world kingdom which exists behind the curtained windows of respectable suburban households.
Here Pamela takes her readers on a fascinating journey, providing excellent value with fifteen brand new stories as well as some personal memories.  Her stories are filled with memorable incidents, some of them sexy, some of them scary and even some with funny moments.  What they all have in common is the genuine reality which reflects her first-hand knowledge of the FemDom scene.
Enter into a world of wealthy and successful men placing themselves under the strict discipline of cruel and demanding Dominas.

Observe how innocent young women quickly learn the art of the domineering Mistress.

Learn how errant husbands are punished and humiliated when they arouse the anger of virago ladies.
Providing good stories with juicy details and unexpected endings, Pamela is currently the best entertainer in the FemDom Genre.

In this new volume we encounter;

A wife who would do anything for her husband’s pleasure.
Four bold travellers on a fetish holiday in Europe.
Tough working class women and demanding middle class ladies.
Hapless males who try to take advantage and find themselves in hot water.
Young brides to be preparing for FemDom marriage
A woman with fiendish ideas for homemade torture equipment.

All this and more in the latest collection, Fifteen New Stories by Pamela Brighton

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5.0 Out of 5 Stars

Wickedly Stunning

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5.0 Out of 5 Stars

Great and Informative Reading
I love this Book!!  Goddess Alexandra is spot on with her insight regarding submissive men, like me.  In addition, she gave great information for those of us who are looking to meet the Domme of ours dreams!  I highly suggest this to any guy, interested in the FemDom Lifestyle!!