FemDom and Male Chastity Books

Please be advised that we may receive a commission from Amazon when a sale is made on a referral. Just click the Link above any of the Books or Click on the Books, which have been written by Women and men who live the FemDom Lifestyle, and you’ll be taken directly to information about the book.

Locked-In Love: How two weeks in chastity can end the barter system, renew courtship and make a better husband by Key Barrett


Dancing Backward 3: A Beloved Slave Reclaimed by Thomas Lavalle


Club Imperial Consensual by Katherine Rhodes:



Alternative Therapy (Femdom Erotica) by Samantha Love:

Alternative Therapy


The Kinky Neighborhood: FemDom Wives In Control by Mistress Benay




The Kinky Neighborhood – Part II: Another Domme Joins The FemDom Club by Mistress Benay



What The Mistress Wants … The Mistress Gets! – Part III by Mistress Vanessa

Part III


What The Mistress Wants … The Mistress Gets! – Part II by Mistress Vanessa

Part II


What The Mistress Wants   …   The Mistress Gets! by Mistress Vanessa

What Mistress Wants


Finding Love Through Female Domination by Renee Lane



A KeyHolder’s Handbook by Georgia Ivey Green



Tips & Tricks For KeyHolders by Georgia Ivey Green










Male Chastity – The Complete Bundled Primer To Female Led Relationships by Mistress Benay

Chastity Primer









Female Domination by Elise Sutton



At Her Beck and Call – The Whole Story by Mistress Benay

AHBAC_The Complete Story


FemDom Law Firm Series by Mistress Benay

Law Firm


Caught In The Act: A Tale Of Male Chastity And Forced Feminization by Mistress Benay




Caught In The Act – Part II: The Cuckolded Sissy by Mistress Benay



Surrender, Submit, Serve Her: The definitive guide to enacting Female Leadership and embracing the Female Dominated Household by Key Barrett


You can see an extensive Collection of Novels dealing with Female Led Relationships and Male Chastity by Visiting The FemDom Emporium


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